Jasmine Smart

Jasmine is a baby-faced, super enthusiastic performer, based in central Bristol. She has a good ear for accents, and is often found in public places imitating regional dialects, for practice. She loves theatre with all her heart, but also frequently takes film parts - when they interest her!

In addition to playing the role of Dhurky-Anne in Fat Shirley's, her professional credits include:

Rosanna Whores Aboard; Opening act, Big E Cabaret Night; Loki/Skadi, Norse Tales at Priddy Folk Festival; Compere, Tour of Duty; Jackie, 2.8 Hours Later; Dollie Smith, Curtain Call for Isadora; Miss Penn, Long Line of Bureaucracy; Dancer, Nic Green'sTrilogy; Daisy, Happy Happy Happy; Frankenstein, Frankenstein: the Pantomime; Mrs. Peacock, Cluedo the Musical; Bottom, Midsummer Night’s Dream; Dromio of Ephesus, Comedy of Errors; Quince, Midsummer Night’s Dream; Snow White, Story of Snow White; Various female roles, Two.

Detective Silver (Tempus Adolpha); Tina Sparrow (Walk Away); Window Girl (Weekender, Alliance/Benchmark Films); Lead Female (unnamed) (Safe, Child Star Media); Registrar (...And Not Heard, Far Out Man Productions); Lexi (Shaun of the Lock Stock Hood); PC Zante (Down the Dark Road); Secretary (Half-Empty); Diana (One Leg at a Time); Jagustyna (Pattiserie Nights); Melissa (Heartache Live on Line); Tour Guide (Up the River); Jenny (Packet of Fish); Nan/Sandra (Other Side).

Sextistics; Casualty; Skins; Teachers TV.

Writing (for stage):
Alice in Wonderland (adaptation); Night Shift; Mourning the Death of Learning; Whores Aboard; Frankenstein: the Pantomime.

Other work:
One woman cabaret show: 'Where's Cameron?' (Currently touring) ; Artistic Director for Thrice Three Muses theatre co; experienced photographic model; face ('Olena') of 'Happiness' - an internet based anti-sex-trafficking game/series; face of 'Edinburgh Festival: souries et regardes 2008-2009' (French photography collection); various directing credits.

Current theatre projects (as of November 2010): 'Macbeth', Rondo Theatre; 'Brizzle ma Fizzle', Upstairs at the Lansdown; 'Alice in Wonderland', Edinburgh Fringe plus UK tour; 'Julius Caesar', Edinburgh Fringe plus Bristol (venue TBC); 'Night Shift', West Country Tour.

Inez and Durkey-Anne.
Jasmine Smart